Incredibly, 2 contestants emailed in at EXACTLY the same time :1.46pm !

And the winners are...

Mae Thomas 


Heidi Mahwinney


Before you speak, think.

Before you think, read.

Thank you to everyone who became an official WordQUESTER yesterday, you've 1 year to sharpen your eye: Word!




Apollo Bay Word Fest is sending all word-loving fans on a quest for our 2020 festival… a word quest of course!

8 clues/photos revealed here on our website, each of something you’ve walked past a zillion times.
Use these clues/photos to locate the hidden word, stashed around Apollo Bay.


The first person (under 18 at the commencement of the quest) to email all 8 photos, with clues correctly arranged to reveal the WordFEST quote, wins the quest & $100!

Help at any turn is encouraged.


8 photos will be revealed here on FRIDAY 24, 12 pm. Each one will be of something you've walked past a zillion times;


        ', where have I seen that before?!' 




Locate the WordQuest clue.

Now take a;

selfie/photo/oil painting...whatever's easiest.

    Unscramble the words to reveal our WordQuest quote. Make sure to upload ALL 8 photos (on 1 email or1 Word doc.)

     Collect all 8

Make sure the words are all in their correct order so the quote can                                be read clearly. It's cerebral, in a

                           Kodak-COVID-Camera kinda way!?           



                                                  It's simple.

       The 1st email that lands in the WordFest Inbox is the winner.                                                    Don't dally.

To behold your bounty of $100 doubloons

(pirate accent optional)