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Plotting Penguin


Esme Kingsford-Sykes (aged 11)



Pig leaped from the horizontal bar and bowed to the crowd.  “Yes, I know!  I’m amazing!” he preened.  Pig was an award-winning Olympic gymnast. He lived in a palace at the top of a hill, where he kept his many prizes, big and small. Apart from his Olympic medals and an ancient Samurai sword he’d won at auction, the prize he loved most was his giant snow globe, which housed a living penguin.  The penguin’s name was Jeremy. Five odd years ago, Jeremy had been lured into a trap set for him by his nemesis, Pig.  Ever since, he’d been kept prisoner in the snow globe, perched on a marble podium, pride of place in Pig’s collection of artefacts. 


Jeremy was a journalist before he’d been imprisoned, and was a very observant bird.  He hated living in the snow globe.  Pig did not care about Jeremy’s welfare, he only cared about himself, but Jeremy had been pestering Pig for weeks, begging for internet because he was so bored.  Pig had grown tired Jeremy’s whining and finally given in. As Pig himself only used internet to create hideous TikTok videos, he didn’t think it would matter.


One day, Jeremy observed Pig injecting a mysterious substance into his bottom.  Over the coming weeks, Pig grew unnaturally big and monstrously strong.  Jeremy thought and thought, until he could think no more.  Finally, he had an answer.  He investigated to confirm his suspicions and deduced it was a banned material… steroids.  On Friday afternoon as Pig went to bed, Jeremy started plotting.  He wrote an email to his former editor.  By morning everyone would know.


Pig awoke to his alarm blaring insistently.  As he picked up his phone to turn off the alarm, he glanced at the headline: “Porky Pies! Olympic Gymnast is Steroid Cheat”.  Pig would lose everything.  He quickly packed and fled.


After Pig left, Jeremy walked briskly around his snow globe trying to figure out an escape.  Could he use his body weight to shift the snow globe, making it lose balance and shatter on the ground?  He took a run up.  The snow globe crashed to the floor.  Clambering out, unharmed and relieved, Jeremy waddled to the dining room and grabbed the antique sword.  Jeremy planned to find and kill Pig. He ran for the door.


Weeks after fleeing his home, and needing money, Pig had taken a lousy job as a cleaner at a museum.  He often had to work late which infuriated him.  Today Pig needed to clean up after a child had vomited all over the gift shop.  As he began to spray cleaning solution, he heard footsteps. He assumed they belonged to the security guard, however as he turned around, he was shocked to see Jeremy. Pig desperately somersaulted, but was stopped by a crippling pain in his back. He crash-landed to the floor.  The last thing Pig saw before he lost consciousness was a cascade of snow globes plummeting down on his head. 

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