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The year that was 2020 brought us many things.  A time of shutting down, it was a time of looking inward as we thought about what it meant to be human, exist in society and move about in this world.


It was also a moment to think about whose lives matter, whose deaths were tragedies and whose were quotidian or collateral, whose voices were heard, or ignored, or worse, feared to, and governance structures/outlets/platforms that enabled or silenced or incited.


If reading and writing are subversive acts, poetry/spoken words can be our most elegant tool to convey emotion, horror, dissent, awareness, beauty, lived experience.  WordFest invites you to use your ‘most powerful, dangerous and subversive trait’, your language, in Provocate: our 2021 Poetry & Pies event.


Your penned lines, or someone else’s that resonates with you, Provocate is spoken word.

Performed by our community, for our community. 

Thank you for joining us for this poetic online performance.



1.     WordFest Welcome- Andrea de Kauwe

2.     Earthrise by Amanda Gorman- Mie Asgautsen U., Ella Boyd, Misha Melzak  & Asha Van Santen

3.     In Your Embrace-  Matt Armstrong

4.     Unprovoked-  Sue Gillett

5.     Riptide by Vance Joy-  Issa Melzak

6.    Get Real- Lyndi Whalen

7.     Rite of Passage- Brett Morrison

8.    Six Ways to Break A Heart-  Mae Thomas

9.    And Since You’ve Been Gone-  Dav Rees

10.  Gamechanger by Solli Raphael- Angus Boyd

11.    The Dark Side of the Moon-  Jodi McGain(with Reuben &Sorby White)

12.   Easy Conversation by Philip Longmore-  Meralyn Stewart

13.   The Ghetto-  Vini Melzak

14.   Egrets by Judith Wright- Sandra Curtis

15.   Apollo Bay Breeze-  Warwick Landers

16.  A Tree and a Boat by Tony Birch-  Lyndi Whalen

17.   Octopus’s Garden by The Beatles- Misha Melzak

18.  Solid Water by Sue Gillett- Tristan Gillett-Oerlemans

19.  This Skin/A Relationship-  Andrea de Kauwe

20. Drowning-  Eldritch Forest

21.   We Paint the Sky- Jessie Giles

22.  Surfing-  Dan Holthouse

23.  Our Mother-  Matt Armstrong

24.  Leaves of Grass by Walt Whitman- Katie Maxwell

25.  Easy Rider- Matt Orchard

26. Ain’t No Cure For Love by Leonard Cohen- Dav Rees

27.  Beloved Memories-  David Simmonds

28. My Country by Dorothea Mackellar-  Nicola Philp

29. The Animals Do Not Say Goodbye- Roderick Poole

30. Until the Cows Come Home by Philip Hodgins- Anna Dixon

31. Chinese Translation by M. Ward- Patrick Liederbach

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