For a festival close that’s bigger

        than Knausgard’s autobiography,



        Night LIGHT


     Look  Up    


     from 5pm





Inspired by Julia Baird’s 'Phosphorescence', Dumbledores tribute, & Homer (oaf not Odyssey), we’ve been thinking of things that sustain us when (parts of) our worlds darken. So, for awe, wonder, words, and community togetherness, we’re asking you to;


Step out 

your front door, to the driveway, the naturestrip.



raise your torch, phone, lightsaber, wand, and switch all your with on at twilight. 

Shine your light 


the Mechanics Hall

Apollo Bay P-12 College

boats in the harbor

Tennis, Football/Netball & Surf Club

Apollo Bay Police, Apollo Bay Ambulance, the CFA, the Mechanics Hall

 & WordFest, for a wonderfully rare event. We will capture an aerial snapshot of Apollo Bay at dusk, & all you need to do is step outside and shine your light. 



WordFest will be capturing an eagle-eye image of how we shine when things go dark. Emitting light for one another; telling the rest of the state that we’re still here when all this ends: OUR LIGHT projected back to us for posterity.


...& if you send us an image of your light in the dark, Victor from Apollo Bay Aviation will fly you & your friends on a scenic flight to the Twelve Apostles for you.

                                                    Most AWEsome photo WINS!  

& no need to get too flash! Take a snap that's fun, inventive, & celebrates how blessed we are to live in this stunning coastal hamlet. 


1.     DUSK.

 STEP OUT: Front garden, nature strip, your roof, a friend's place...converging COVIDly of course.

2.     LIGHT

LOOK UP: Phone, lamp, outside lights, whatever's around the house. Point skywards & beam!


Can you hear a plane circling the town? 

Apollo Bay Aviations ace pilot, Vic Bongiorno & Great Ocean Photography 

sharpshooter, Amber Noseda will ensure 

NightLight is brilliantly captured.


Don't forget your snapshot! Send it through to info@apollobaywordfest.



   A FREE copy of the NightLIGHT photo will be available for download.                          We'll notify you via the usual channels when it's ready.

                 Shine on.


         Brought to you by; Vic @ Apollo Bay Aviation, Amber @ Great Ocean Photography, Steve @                                           Apollo Bay Regional Contractors, Arts Inc. & WordFest.


                                                               Thank you