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 Poetry and pies. 2020

Poetry is needed now more than ever for solace, beauty, escape, rhythm.  And so is togetherness.  In this time of isolation and uncertainty, join us for a virtual Poetry & Pies. 

We’re calling it Perceptible, for it’s all about perceptions. 

  1. Welcome- Andrea de Kauwe

  2. End of the World Blues- Vini Melzak

  3. Checklist- Jane Buckingham

  4. Sunday- Oceania Murray-McAllester

  5. The Dreams We Do Not Reap- Matt Armstrong

  6. The Butterflies by Shaun Tan- Lyndi Whalen

  7. Bluebottles by Dorothy Porter- Rory Boyd

  8. They Eat Out by Margaret Atwood- Cathy Donovan

  9. The C-word Cheese- Annabel Tunley

  10. Lady of Summer – Dav Rees

  11. I Looked in the Mirror- Linnet Hunter

  12. Air- Sue Gillet

  13. Not the Girl Next Door- Matt Orchard

  14. Treehugger by Kimya Dawson- Ella Boyd & Misha Melzak

  15. A Mother’s Nature- Annie Pethybridge

  16. The Poetry of Song: two poems- Bob Knowles

  17. Me in My Days & Blue Jay- Cat Richardson

  18. A Plague of Actions- Mae Thomas

  19. Duet with Hesse- David Simmonds

    Lake Mungo poems- Year 10s, Apollo Bay P-12 College with introduction by Christie Thompson

  20. Let’s Make Amends- Steffi Falconer

  21. A Hope for the Future- Nicola Philp

  22. Blackwood Theatre- Scotty McAllester

  23. Mind Where You Step- Sally Fitts

  24. The Second Coming by W.B. Yeats- Johnny Boyd

  25. Loving You Is Like Trying to Pin Down a Star- Jessica Borg

  26. The Outliers- Sandra Curtis

  27. Tik Tok- Susan Wakefield

  28. One Fish by Dr. Seuss- Jappe Murray-McAllester

  29. Take Shelter- Ali Corke

  30. Gin in Him- Roderick Poole

  31. Queen of the Savages by The Magnetic Fields- Patrick Liederbach

  32. Marge Piercy poems- Denise Ruth

  33. Mister Magnolia by Quentin Blake- Angus Boyd, Monty Gill & Issa Melzak

  34. The Otways- Michelle Fillmore & sons

Final poem
Son of Mine by Oodgeroo Noonuccal read by Andrea de Kauwe

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